My Goals

My Internet Marketing Goals

My Goals

I’m listing my internet marketing goals on my first post on this blog. What are my going going to be you ask? My first is to get 1000 active subscribers to my email list. The next goal is to be as honest as I can about what I’m doing and as a result of what happened in the process. Good or bad it’s going to be here.

My day started as it normally does. Then i decided to update my Blog. So we started doing that. I managed to kill half the day and then decided I was not happy with the outcome.

I can never manage to just try and take small steps backward to undo my mistakes. There was one domain I started with that this blog is on. I will say by the end of my frenzy I now have 6 domains and dedicated hosting. It was a deal i just couldn’t pass up.

The domains are as follows. Okay, so you are getting the two I can remember. and The .net site will be for my affiliate marketing site and this one is for my goals.