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Affiliate Marketing and They will come. Or is it Build It?

Back in the saddle again today. Yesterday was a read and relax day. Started the morning off with steroid shots in my neck so I just took it easy. Now today it is rock and roll time or was anyway. It’s about bedtime for me now.

I have decided to point most of my focus to Instagram. It is a platform that is still growing and an effective tool for affiliate marketing. As well as making new connections in the niche. So I managed to put up a few posts followed a few people. Hope to see it work out did as few things to try and help grow my following. So if you want look me up @budgetmarketingmentor .

Got an new list building program today. I have put a few feelers out there but not sure about it just yet. May have been a waste of money without having a big list. I just had a brainstorming idea. I’ll catch you all tomorrow.

~Grady R.

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